Generate Leads with 1 Click

Transfer your potential leads from entire web

with a single click

Improve Productivity by 40%

Popleads helps you to reduce the time your sales team is wasting on manually transferring leads to your database. Just search the profile and add it to your database with only 1 click.

No more copy and paste, just POP IT!

Boost Your CRM Database by 120%

Popleads helps you combine all the contacts added by your team through web into one database.

Salesforce Integration

Popleads helps you to generate Leads from LinkedIn in 1 click and automatically syncs the data to Salesforce.

It works in both direction. The data generated within Popleads is online imported to Salesforce and all the data added to Salesforce is online visible in Popleads.

Label Your Leads and Contacts

Popleads helps you to identify your Leads and Contacts everywhere on the web.

Manage Your Business Everywhere from any Device

Popleads helps you to create deals and track your tasks and activities wherever you are..

How It Works


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